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   January 2017

Scotland: Division 3 Results

Free results site for Division 3 football matches. Archived results for the Scotland Division 3 season. View the Division 3 league table.

Wednesday, 18th January 2017

4th May 2013
11:45Annan AthleticMontrose1-1
11:45ClydeStirling Albion1-2
11:45Elgin CityEast Stirling3-2
11:45Queens ParkPeterhead0-3
11:45RangersBerwick Rangers1-0
27th April 2013
14:00Berwick RangersAnnan Athletic0-2
11:45East StirlingRangers2-4
14:00MontroseQueens Park1-2
14:00Stirling AlbionElgin City1-1
20th April 2013
14:00Annan AthleticStirling Albion0-1
14:00Elgin CityBerwick Rangers1-2
14:00Queens ParkEast Stirling5-1
13th April 2013
14:00Berwick RangersQueens Park4-1
14:00East StirlingAnnan Athletic1-2
14:00Elgin CityMontrose3-2
14:00Stirling AlbionPeterhead0-1
10th April 2013
18:30Annan AthleticQueens Park2-0
7th April 2013
11:00Queens ParkRangers1-4
6th April 2013
14:00Annan AthleticElgin City2-2
14:00ClydeBerwick Rangers2-1
14:00MontroseStirling Albion2-2
14:00PeterheadEast Stirling6-0
2nd April 2013
18:45Elgin CityClyde4-2
18:30Queens ParkStirling Albion2-2
30th March 2013
15:00ClydeEast Stirling2-0
15:00PeterheadAnnan Athletic2-0
15:00Queens ParkElgin City0-1
15:00Stirling AlbionBerwick Rangers1-0
23rd March 2013
15:00Berwick RangersPeterhead0-2
15:00East StirlingMontrose1-2
12:00RangersStirling Albion0-0
16th March 2013
15:00Annan AthleticClyde0-1
15:00East StirlingBerwick Rangers0-3
12:45Elgin CityRangers0-1
12th March 2013
19:45Berwick RangersQueens Park2-0
9th March 2013
14:00Berwick RangersMontrose4-0
15:00ClydeQueens Park2-3
15:00PeterheadElgin City0-1
15:00RangersAnnan Athletic1-2
15:00Stirling AlbionEast Stirling9-1
5th March 2013
19:45Berwick RangersStirling Albion1-0
19:45Elgin CityQueens Park3-5
2nd March 2013
15:00Annan AthleticBerwick Rangers2-2
15:00Elgin CityStirling Albion1-2
15:00Queens ParkMontrose1-2
12:00RangersEast Stirling3-1
26th February 2013
19:45Berwick RangersElgin City2-1
19:45ClydeQueens Park0-3
19:45Stirling AlbionRangers1-1
23rd February 2013
12:00Berwick RangersRangers1-3
15:00East StirlingElgin City3-2
15:00MontroseAnnan Athletic5-1
15:00PeterheadQueens Park0-2
15:00Stirling AlbionClyde2-0
19th February 2013
19:45East StirlingClyde3-0
19:45Stirling AlbionAnnan Athletic2-1
16th February 2013
15:00Annan AthleticEast Stirling1-2
15:00MontroseElgin City4-1
15:00PeterheadStirling Albion0-0
15:00Queens ParkBerwick Rangers2-1
12th February 2013
19:45Stirling AlbionEast Stirling1-1
9th February 2013
15:00Berwick RangersClyde3-3
15:00East StirlingPeterhead2-4
15:00Elgin CityAnnan Athletic3-1
15:00RangersQueens Park4-0
15:00Stirling AlbionMontrose3-1
2nd February 2013
15:00ClydeElgin City1-1
15:00MontroseEast Stirling2-2
15:00PeterheadBerwick Rangers1-1
15:00Queens ParkAnnan Athletic2-2
29th January 2013
19:30Annan AthleticPeterhead0-0
26th January 2013
20th January 2013
19th January 2013
15:00East StirlingQueens Park0-2
29th December 2012
15:00Annan AthleticElgin City2-0
15:00ClydeBerwick Rangers2-1
15:00MontroseStirling Albion3-2
15:00PeterheadEast Stirling2-0
12:45Queens ParkRangers0-1
26th December 2012
22nd December 2012
15:00East StirlingAnnan Athletic2-2
12:30Elgin CityRangers2-6
15:00Stirling AlbionPeterhead1-0
19th December 2012
19:45East StirlingMontrose2-2
18th December 2012
19:45RangersAnnan Athletic3-0
15th December 2012
15:00ClydeEast Stirling2-1
15:00PeterheadAnnan Athletic2-0
15:00Queens ParkElgin City1-1
15:00Stirling AlbionBerwick Rangers6-3
8th December 2012
15:00Annan AthleticQueens Park2-3
15:00Berwick RangersPeterhead1-1
15:00Elgin CityClyde2-1
15:00RangersStirling Albion2-0
5th December 2012
19:45PeterheadElgin City1-1
1st December 2012
15:00Berwick RangersMontrose1-4
25th November 2012
15:00East StirlingBerwick Rangers0-1
24th November 2012
15:00Annan AthleticClyde1-3
23rd November 2012
19:30Queens ParkStirling Albion2-1
17th November 2012
15:00Berwick RangersAnnan Athletic3-1
12:45East StirlingRangers2-6
15:00MontroseQueens Park1-1
15:00Stirling AlbionElgin City1-4
13th November 2012
19:30Queens ParkEast Stirling1-2
10th November 2012
15:00Annan AthleticStirling Albion5-2
15:00Elgin CityBerwick Rangers3-1
28th October 2012
27th October 2012
14:00Annan AthleticEast Stirling5-2
14:00MontroseElgin City2-2
14:00PeterheadStirling Albion2-2
14:00Queens ParkBerwick Rangers1-1
20th October 2012
14:00Berwick RangersClyde2-1
14:00East StirlingPeterhead2-1
14:00Elgin CityAnnan Athletic2-2
14:00RangersQueens Park2-0
14:00Stirling AlbionMontrose1-3
17th October 2012
18:45ClydeElgin City2-2
13th October 2012
14:00Elgin CityMontrose6-1
14:00Queens ParkAnnan Athletic2-2
6th October 2012
14:00MontroseEast Stirling3-1
14:00PeterheadBerwick Rangers1-0
14:00Stirling AlbionRangers1-0
23rd September 2012
22nd September 2012
14:00Annan AthleticPeterhead2-1
14:00Berwick RangersStirling Albion4-1
14:00East StirlingClyde3-0
14:00Elgin CityQueens Park0-4
15th September 2012
14:00Annan AthleticRangers0-0
14:00East StirlingStirling Albion3-1
14:00Elgin CityPeterhead2-0
14:00MontroseBerwick Rangers3-1
14:00Queens ParkClyde1-0
2nd September 2012
15:30RangersElgin City5-1
1st September 2012
14:00Berwick RangersEast Stirling3-0
14:15ClydeAnnan Athletic2-1
14:00Stirling AlbionQueens Park1-2
26th August 2012
11:00Berwick RangersRangers1-1
25th August 2012
14:00East StirlingElgin City1-4
14:00MontroseAnnan Athletic0-0
14:00PeterheadQueens Park1-0
14:00Stirling AlbionClyde0-1
18th August 2012
14:00Annan AthleticBerwick Rangers3-2
14:00Elgin CityStirling Albion3-1
14:00Queens ParkMontrose2-2
14:00RangersEast Stirling5-1
11th August 2012
14:00Berwick RangersElgin City0-0
14:00East StirlingQueens Park0-2
14:00Stirling AlbionAnnan Athletic5-1